Introduction of new re-accreditation requirements / standards in line with ESG 2015

In order to implement new ESG 2015 instead of ESG 2008, Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education will use new re-accreditation process to introduce new ESG criterions. They introduced flexibility in quality assurance approach through number of activities, some of which are as follows: Firstly, Agency used ESG 2015 as blueprint for design of […]

G3C4 Know the Needs of Employers

In 2009, UCAS Algebras established the Economic Council (EC) with a primary rule to be a connection between the World of Work and UCAS. Also, EC is a body mainly built from employers, who are discussing about all relevant questions concerning actual problems and trends in the field and economy in general. However, UCAS students […]

Ensure Quality Control

Aktivnosti Hrvatske agencije za znanost i visoko obrazovanje (ASHE) pridonose usklađivanju hrvatskog visokog obrazovanja s europskim sustavima i njezinoj integraciji u europski prostor visokog obrazovanja, poboljšanje kvalitete studijskih programa i njihova dostava, povećanje mobilnosti , prepoznavanje i pouzdanost hrvatskih visokoškolskih kvalifikacija, poboljšati pristup osobama s inozemnim visokoškolskim kvalifikacijama na hrvatsko tržište rada i osigurati pravičan […]

Being an employee and student at the same time – the dual model at the DHBW

Dual education at the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg (DHBW) in Germany, which alternates between education in higher education training academies and campuses in 9 cities, geared more towards practice in teaching and learning. The subjects offered mainly include engineering, economics, information technology, nursing care and social work. The higher vocational training academy DHBW provides the […]

Responsibilities of an Academic Head of Programme for Work-Based Learning in companies at the DHBW

The collaboration work of program managers of faculties are vital, as they are at the interface between an institution’s decision-making bodies and managers and trainers on the job. They encourage the cross-fertilization of strategic approaches, build and support communities of practice, and nurture innovation in everyday practice in the collaboration among the three stakeholders, Higher […]

Croatian Employers Association – project “Initiative for young” promoting link between employers and universities.

Croatian employers association (CEA) together with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Student Council of Universities of Applied Sciences introduced in 2017 new project connecting employers and universities. General idea behind the initiative was to support work placement through better cooperation between employers and universities in order to equip students with required practical knowledge, […]

Work Placement “Stock Market”

Algebra University College introduced its Career Center some 8 years ago in order to support career development of their students. Work of the Center was, among other, focused on organizing work placement and they used untill recently “classical” approach in which Career Center employees contacted employers and then connected them using e-mail and other communication […]

Multimedia Creative Team Works for Business

This project helps to deal with two sorts of problems: need of the university to get closer to the world of work and need of small firms to promote themselves without paying their own marketing department. It does not have a traditional form of placement, but de facto it is a placement, which enables the student to use their theoretic knowledge in a practical way for commercial activities during their study.

Story TRLS and others…..

This case brings the solution of the problem that Czech students who are not competent enough (or feel they are not competent enough) to establish their own business despite having professional knowledge and skills. A new module has been included in the last year of Bachelor study which is practically oriented and supplies students with skills concerning establishing a new firm. There is a special post gradual mentoring for graduates as well.

Special Centers for Professional Preparation and Professional Education

This new technical university has been established in 2006 and it was looking for its strategy. One of the key parts or the strategy of the university was to reflect the needs of students and employers; it has projected practice-oriented branches and taking care about feedback of its graduates and about communication with all stakeholders. The university has a special Center for Professional Preparation, it cooperates with the world of work successfully and participates in national and international projects and research with its alumni. A system of competitions and grants is in place to encourages both groups to regularly participate. Students benefit from going through the experience of working on a long-term project and subsequently defending it in front of an audience. A system of competitions and grants is in place to encourages both groups to regularly participate. Students benefit from going through the experience of working on a long-term project and subsequently defending it against tough competition. Tens of students participate annually in these competitions and innovative ideas, practical solutions, and unusual projects are often brought forward. The university reflects needs of employers’ and student and correct the curricula content by adding new modules or by content of study corrections. It is a regular process supporting all placements.