Structure of the Regional Centre for PHE Excellence

The Centre of Excellence consists of three types of bodies:

  • The project consortium serves as a management board of the Centre for Excellence, which hosts all policy analysis and recommendation activities
  • Four thematic peer-learning groups, made up of experts in each of the fields, are responsible for finding and analysing case studies, and for proposing a toolbox of policy solutions for addressing identified case studies.
  • In each country, a national excellence committee (D1.2) is formed, consisting of representatives of business, institutions, students and policy-makers. The excellence committee is responsible for identifying local priorities and challenges, and feeding these to the expert groups for policy analysis. The national excellence committees committeesare also responsible for selecting appropriate interventions from the toolbox put forward by the expert groups, and adapting these for their own institutional or regional/national contexts.

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National PHE Excellence Committees

Expert Groups

  • Alignment of PHE with regional, local and economic development strategies
  • Promotion of PHE in responding to skill shortages
  • Organising and Monitoring student placements in the world of work
  • Personal Learning Environments in PHE