Use of Blockchain in Education

Blockchain is a distributed database, spread across many computers with no central control that could transform governance, the economy, businesses and the functioning of organizations. There are some Blockchain for education initiatives that could revolutionize education. Use of Blockchain first started with the acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment for tuition fees – many schools accepting Bitcoin payments only do so for students enrolled in technology-related courses, which is understandable considering the extra infrastructure needed to accept this form of payment and the relatively low number of students who have paid for their tuition with Bitcoin so far. Next area of Blockchain use in Education was the idea of Certification on the Blockchain and E-portfolio for all Academic Credentials, so student would eventually have their personal Lifelong Learning Passport stored on Blockchain for use as part of their future career. As per now, most of all Blockchain technology is still in stage of constant development, so no real conclusions what will work well and what not can’t be made and there is no way to evaluate its success yet.