The first PHE Excellence Forum brought together experts in Professional Higher Education from around Europe from 28th September – 1st October 2016, in Logarska Dolina, Slovenia to discuss challenges facing the PHE sector in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The first PHE Excellence Forum is a direct followup to the meetings of the PHE Excellence National Committees which were held between May and September in each of the participating countries of the project. During these national meetings, national stakeholders discussed and outlined the main challenges and barriers facing the PHE sector in their respective countries.

The forum will bring together European experts in each of the four thematic areas of the project with the aim of identifying shared national, regional and European challenges, and to conduct a root cause analysis on them, so as to understand the factors which lead to perpetuation of barriers.

The end result of the forum will be a PHE Excellence Challenge Policy Statment, which will summarise the challenges faced by each country and by the region as a whole, and which will serve as the basis for the collection of best-practices and subsequent proposal of policy solutions in later phases of the project.