We are looking for Experts in Professional Higher Education

As part of its efforts to create a regional centre for Professional Higher Education Excellence in central and south east Europe (CSEE), the PROCSEE project is looking for experts which will help it:

  • Engage in policy dialogue with stakeholders, to understand the main policy challenges which need to be addressed to accelerate change & innovation in the area
  • Locate best-practice examples of policy-interventions from around the world, which have been shown to be effective in addressing the identified challenges
  • Analyse the best-practice examples, with the help of thematic peer-learning expert groups, and identify those which are best suited to implementation in the CSEE region
  • Work with stakeholders in each country, to design interventions at institutional level which will address the policy challenges, based on the implemented research
  • Communicate the need and methodology for the interventions to relevant policy & decision-makers, and provide a monitoring framework for measuring the progress and impact of interventions

We are looking for European-Level experts, as well as experts from Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary in the following areas:

  • Alignment of PHE with Regional Development Strategies (Download call)
  • Promotion of PHE to respond to skill shortages (Download call)
  • Organising and monitoring student placements in the world of work (Download call)
  • Personal Learning Environments in PHE (Download call)

Experts are asked to send in their motivation and CVs, using the form below, until 27th May 2016.

Update: Call is now closed. In case of further queries, please contact info [at] procsee.eu.