Biotechnical Consortium

Slovenia is a small country and schools are usually small and locally embedded institutions. By establishing a national sectorial Biotechnical Consortium small institutions ensured strong recognition as a relevant stakeholder in the sector not only in their region but on national and international level towards stakeholders and authorities. The impact of their joint actions resulted in ensuring small local/regional institutions to:
• reach faster and easier the target population (future students, parents, adult learners, sectorial labour market),
• be promoted nationwide and cross-border (fairs, radio, TV, press conferences, web page, adverts),
• organize national/international competitions that are a great motivator for students and attraction for employers looking for new employees (World Championship in plowing),
• organize round tables/debates on up to date topics (green sustainable farming and industry) with relevant stakeholders,
• organize sectorial seminars, workshops and conferences, trainings with high-profile experts from the sector for teachers, students, local/regional WoW,
• prepare specific sectorial courses for students and adults,
• modernize study programmes according to new demands,
• open joint shops selling eco products of the institutions and their graduates’ companies and farms (even in the very center of the capital’s main market),
• prepare comparative sectorial analysis of the labour market and labour market needs,
• submit joint sectorial projects and gain more EU funds,
• propose joint curricula changes and modernized approaches,
• organize sector specific workshops and trainings for school managers, QA, governance, sector trends, etc., that enables PHE institutions to increase and strengthen their professional profile and relevance,
• reach and share high-profile experts (researchers, professionals, innovators in the sector) and expertise gained and
• cooperate with the local/regional/national authorities and international sectorial associations.

Additional information:

Majda Kolenc Artiček, PR, Biotehniški center Naklo,