KULT 316

Centre of Culinary and Tourism KULT316 is a unique and representative example of modern educational practice in hospitality, tourism, food technology and nutrition, where students get practical experience in a real-life learning environment. Under mentorship students lead cafe and restaurant open to public, there’s a hotel room, a conference hall, wine cellar and a beer brewery. The Centre of Culinary and Tourism KULT 316 is open to public and has been opened since October 2015.

The KULT316 restaurant offers a wide array of delicious dishes from the Central Slovenian region, working hours are from Monday to Fruday 12.00 to 22.00. The KULT316 café provides a wide range of drinks and pastries made during the educational process at the BIC Ljubljana and is opened from Monday to Friday 7.00 to 16.00.

As a part of educational process they produce local food and drinks: beer production and wine production (with P&F Jeruzalem Ormož) – house wine of KULT316.