Karierno Središče (Career Centre)

Career Centers at Employment Service of Slovenia offer a range of free services and activities in order to encourage employment, support career choice or career development. Career Centre is a place where everybody can find information when he/she is planning education or employment and needs correct information to help at the decision about career path. Guidance counsellors in Career centres offer information to:
• The unemployed, looking for information or career guidance when searching for job or deciding for further education.
• Employees, who are at risk of being made redundant, in order to avoid transition to the unemployment.
• Young drop outs, with no other possibility for getting information and career guidance.
• students and pupils in transition to a higher level of education.
• Parents, teachers and guidance practitioners, who are helping with decision making regarding career path.



There are Career Centres in all 12 Regional Offices in Slovenia and each has a library, a reading room with all necessary information, free photocopies and internet access, video clips, individual counselling and group workshops. Materials possible to find in each Career Centre are:
• description of vocations,
• information on (upper)secondary and higher education institutions,
• information on possibilities for vocational training and study abroad,
• information on available financial aids for education and training,
• postings of educational programs,
• information on student residences,
• postings of jobs,
• directions and tools for more effective job searching,
• video clips of vocations,
• computer programs for independent planning of educational or vocational path.