Establishment of a College Association of Slovenia

Skupnost VSŠ/Association HVC is a national association established by small private and public providers of SCHE that are organised as independent SCHE institutions, as part of a School Centers providing EQF 3 to 5 or as part of PHE istitutions providing EQF 5 to 7, ensuring strong recognition as a relevant national representative not only on national but also international level towards stakeholders and authorities. The impact of actions resulted in ensuring small local/regional institutions to:
• reach faster and easier the target population (future students, parents, adult learners, sectorial labour market),
• be promoted nationwide and cross-border (fairs, radio, TV, press conferences, web page, adverts),
• organize round tables/debates on up to date topics (modernization of HE, PHE, LLL, QA, …) with relevant stakeholders (especialy from the WoW),
• organize national and international seminars, workshops and conferences with high-profile experts from the PHE area for all stakeholders,
• cooperate directly to national authorities and the WoW (relevant ministries, employers’ associations, chambers of commerce, student organisations, QAA, professional and sectorial agencies and associations, SMEs, …)
• organise specific training courses and workshops for college managers, teaching staff, administrative staff, QA staff, organising and mobilising EQF 5 students and preparing workshops on national and international level for them,
• modernize study programmes according to new demands and propose and support curricula changes and modernized approaches
• stimulate members to join forces on sectorial level,
• prepare comparative PHE and EQF 5 analysis of the labour market and labour market needs,
• support internationalisation by representation in international associations and bodies, by providing relevant contacts of our international partners, and submitting international projects,
• organize workshops and trainings for school managers, QA, governance, sector trends, etc., that enables PHE institutions to increase and strengthen their professional profile and relevance,
• access to high-profile national and international experts (researchers, professionals, innovators in the sector) and expertise gained and
• support cooperation among members by exchanging good practices and experience.

Additional information:

Jasmina Poličnik, Skupnost VSŠ,