Slovenia’s Committee for PHE Excellence, is constituted of institutional leaders, stakeholders in education & training, representatives of the world of work, and policy-makers. It is led by SKUPNOST VSS. The committee for excellence is intended to serve as the main national forum for discussing the state of PHE and for establishing a roadmap for the sector. If you wish to contact the Committee or request to collaborate with it, please click here.


The current members of the committee and their roles can be seen here.


During the PROCSEE Project, the Committee has held 2 national meetings, in the following dates:

05-07-2016 / 11-04-2017

These were followed by 24 one2one meetings with different stakeholders.

National Summit

During the PROCSEE Project, the Committee has also held a national Summit. More information about it can be retrieved here.


During the PROCSEE Project, the committee produced the following outcomes: