Who are we?

The Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) is a dynamic consultancy focusing on knowledge brokerage and innovation of knowledge transfer processes. The Centre brings together a variety of local and European experts from a variety of fields, and has worked extensively within Quality Assurance of Higher Education, Technology Enhanced Learning, Student Services and the knowledge economy (as it relates to the Lisbon Agenda and Barcelona Process). The Centre has forged close relationships with a number of stakeholders in the regional innovation and Higher Education fields, and is active in leveraging such relationships to build multi-disciplinary, multi-country networks for knowledge transfer and capitalization.

KIC also offers a full range of project management services, from bid-conceptualization and writing, to lifecycle management and final reporting. KIC has access to consultants specialized in ICT-process integration, education & healthcare policies, innovation management, and youth policy. Last but not least KIC’s outreach services encompass both technological and person-to-person services. For the former, KIC molds your online presence using a combination of web-sites, social-networking expertise and online document publication; for the latter KIC has the expertise in organizing focus groups, outreach campaigns, consultations and surveys, as demanded by the terms of the brief.

Why we are participating in the project

KIC has extensive experience in quality in education, both at the regulatory and standardization levels and is involved in a number of other research projects that address specifically the themes of connecting the world of education with the world of work and of assuring apprenticeship quality from different perspectives. By participating at the PROCSEE project, we expect to share our experience with the consortium and enrich the final outputs.

Our role in the project

KIC´s role is to provide support to the leading partner as a scientific coordinator and provide the consortium with the expertise in context analyses and policy making. KIC is also responsible for all the project branding, as well as planning and coordination of project dissemination and exploitation activities, including publishing.

Our Team

Anthony F. Camilleri

Anthony F. Camilleri

Founder and Senior Partner

Anthony works in areas linked to Quality Assurance, Open Learning and Education Management. He is also secretary of the International Standard Organisation PC288/WG1 which is drafting a standard for Quality Management of Educational Organisations. He was previously engaged with EFQUEL in the position of Quality Services Manager. There he managed a set of quality certifications for e-learning including UNIQUe for HEIs and ECBCheck for programmes. In his research, he has been investigating the linkages between higher education, innovation, quality and open education for the last three years, and in particular has been involved with the Open Education Quality Initiative – OPAL and the OERTest Initiative, where he proposed a learning passport model for recognition of credit gained through open learning. Mr. Camilleri has also been active as a QA Reviewer and trainer of QA reviewers around Europe, for a number of different QA institutions in Higher Education.

Sandra Feliciano

Sandra Feliciano

Research Associate

Sandra graduated in Social Sciences, post-graduated in Evaluation in Education and has over 20 years of experience with quality management applied to complex sectors where the human factor is critical, such as Education, Health and Social Care Services, Government and Aerospace, where she is an experienced international consultant and trainer as well as a qualified Auditor and Evaluator for several Accreditation and Certification schemes in these sectors. Aside from her work at KIC, she is also a part-time Teacher at the School of Management and Technology of Porto Polytechnic, where she teaches Standardization, Quality Management, Human Resources Management and Management Systems Audits at Master level. Having worked with policy making and national, European and international standardization since 2008, she recently represented Portugal and Angola at ISO/TC176 during the last revision of ISO 9001 and lead the development of ISO 21001, the first ISO Management System Standard for Educational Organizations.