Modernized Methodologies and Teaching Frameworks from CARNet

E-portfolio kao personalizirani virtualni prostor za učenje i podučavanje u školama i Phe. Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža – CARNet organizira izobrazbu u području modernih tehnologija i okvire. Tečajevi su za upoznavanje praktične mogućnosti i teorijske osnove e-portfolija za osobne web stranice za nastavnike i studente, kao i za stvaranje personaliziranih virtualni prostor za učenje […]

Develop and strengthen the cooperation with all stakeholders embedded at all levels of institutions

  The Ministry of Science of Education and Sports has established in co-operation with the University Computing Center (“Sveučilišni računski centar – SRCE”) the Catalog of e-Courses of Institutions in the Higher Education System in the Republic of Croatia. The e-Courses catalog is conceived as a central place where the basic information on all e-courses, […]

International Conference DisCo: Technology & Education

DisCo Conference has become one of the most important conferences, if not the most important conference focused on technology in education in the Czech Republic. The program encompasses new trends in education from various international perspectives and through the lens of diverse education sector stakeholders. It follows the paradigm shift of pedagogy: systemic change leading […]

University of Zagreb Fair

The University of Zagreb Fair (includes classical Universities as well as Institutions in Higher Professional Education  such as  Zagreb University of Applied Sciences – Zagreb UASs , Algebra, VSITE etc.) is organized for high school graduates, university students and anyone else who is interested. The Fair aims to inform prospective students about courses of study programs, […]

Cultural Heritage Preservation for the Regional Development

The Ústí region lies in the north-west of the Czech Republic along the German border with the capital city of Ústí nad Labem. It has a rich history which resulted in significant cultural heritage, mostly of immovable type, e.g. castles preserved since the 10th century, a network of former royal cities with medieval architecture (Žatec, […]

Story TRLS and others…..

This case brings the solution of the problem that Czech students who are not competent enough (or feel they are not competent enough) to establish their own business despite having professional knowledge and skills. A new module has been included in the last year of Bachelor study which is practically oriented and supplies students with skills concerning establishing a new firm. There is a special post gradual mentoring for graduates as well.

UB Forum

University Business Forum (UB Forum), established in 2008, is a part of European Commission’s initiative aimed at supporting modernisation of higher education and strengthening cooperation between academia and business on a European level. UB Forum offers a unique opportunity for higher education institutions, companies, business associations, public institutions and students to present and discuss common issues, share examples of good practice and explore the benefits and value of ongoing cooperation and its strengthening.

Postgraduate program in Public Procurement, concessions and public-private partnership

  The postgraduate program is an innovative programme in public procurement provided by the Center for Good Governance Studies from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Napoca one of the biggest universities in Romania in partnership with other authorities: National Agency for Public Procurement, National Council for Solving Complaints, Fight Against Fraud Department-DLAF, Freedom House Romania and Expert […]

The College of Logistics

The College of Logistics presents a case of how a focus on clear institutional profile implemented via strategy of intensification (instead of amplification) of an institution's operation can bear the fruit of both sustainable growth and recognition of the higher education institution.

Consider the voice of students

Učenik vijeće Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti je student organizacija koja predstavlja studente u tijelima Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti – Zagreb UAS. Učenik vijeće je student predstavničko tijelo koje štiti interese studenata, sudjeluje u odlučivanju u tijelima Zagrebačke UAS i predstavlja studente u sustavu visokog obrazovanja. Studentski zbor djeluje putem svojih izabranih predstavnika studenata.