The initiative OpeningUpSlovenia was presented with the aim of making Slovenia a model state in the field of accessible and open educational resources and complements into reality the policies of the European Commission’s ‘Opening Up Education’ communication. Slovenia wants to make changes in 7 key areas:


1. Transform existing educational methods into innovative, dynamic and open learning tools
2. Restore an environment of cooperation between public, private and voluntary sectors of research in order
3. Develop and introduce a more open education
4. Build legal mechanisms in support of implementing open education
5. Construct an open platform of information technologies, contents, services, pedagogical concepts and approaches
6. Restore mechanisms for securing a high level of quality and evaluation of services
7. Develop digital competencies within the entire educational system, and to carry out concrete, cross-dimensional open education projects

With an Action Programme Slovenia defined a blueprint for how a country should go about “opening up education”. 6 major areas were identified across all fields of education. Those examplers are:  policy action, capacity building, services and content, research and development, supportive environments.

As the initiative’s scope is very broad, this case study will focus on the area capacity building. In Slovenia the goal of capacity building for open education and OER is to facilitate its integration into existing digital skills and competency frameworks.