Ensure Quality Control

Aktivnosti Hrvatske agencije za znanost i visoko obrazovanje (ASHE) pridonose usklađivanju hrvatskog visokog obrazovanja s europskim sustavima i njezinoj integraciji u europski prostor visokog obrazovanja, poboljšanje kvalitete studijskih programa i njihova dostava, povećanje mobilnosti , prepoznavanje i pouzdanost hrvatskih visokoškolskih kvalifikacija, poboljšati pristup osobama s inozemnim visokoškolskim kvalifikacijama na hrvatsko tržište rada i osigurati pravičan […]

University of Zagreb Fair

The University of Zagreb Fair (includes classical Universities as well as Institutions in Higher Professional Education  such as  Zagreb University of Applied Sciences – Zagreb UASs , Algebra, VSITE etc.) is organized for high school graduates, university students and anyone else who is interested. The Fair aims to inform prospective students about courses of study programs, […]

Postgraduate program in Public Procurement, concessions and public-private partnership

  The postgraduate program is an innovative programme in public procurement provided by the Center for Good Governance Studies from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Napoca one of the biggest universities in Romania in partnership with other authorities: National Agency for Public Procurement, National Council for Solving Complaints, Fight Against Fraud Department-DLAF, Freedom House Romania and Expert […]

Tailored Training and Research: The National Institute for Cultural Research and Training – Romania

  The National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (INCFC) is an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Culture. It is involved both in training and research activities related to the field of culture. This is a good practice case because the Institute aims to train professionals who choose a career in the field of […]

Traditional universities acting as PHE institutions in Romania

  Since 2012 an executive order issued by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport in Romania (Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, Executive order no. 3163 / 01.02.2012) creates the legal framework that enables the universities to organize post university studies for long life learning and professional development. This is a good […]

Methodological Framework on Recognition and Equivalence of Formal, Non-Formal or Informal Professional Competences by Medical Assistants who did not attend university level education programs

  This case study responds to a long-term issue in Romania, concerning the recognition of non-formal or informal professional competences, but with regard to a specific field. More exactly, in the past 25 years in Romania, there have been successive changes of the levels of initial education programs for nurses, in addition to the coexistence of […]

No formal differentiation between PHE and other HE degrees in respect of employability

The case of no formal differentiation between professional and academic higher education qualifications in respect of employment, but also education progression routes, provides a lesson that flexible and incremental development of professional higher education can be stimulated by lack of regulation rather than by detailed schemes.

The College of Logistics

The College of Logistics presents a case of how a focus on clear institutional profile implemented via strategy of intensification (instead of amplification) of an institution's operation can bear the fruit of both sustainable growth and recognition of the higher education institution.

The EQAVET-ISO 21001 Matrixes

EQAVET is a European proprietary standard for professional schools and ISO 21001 is an international formal standard for educational organizations. Professional schools across Europe need to implement EQAVET and many would probably welcome the idea of doing so in an integrated way with ISO 21001, due to the added value of the ISO brand. As […]

Consider the voice of students

Učenik vijeće Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti je student organizacija koja predstavlja studente u tijelima Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti – Zagreb UAS. Učenik vijeće je student predstavničko tijelo koje štiti interese studenata, sudjeluje u odlučivanju u tijelima Zagrebačke UAS i predstavlja studente u sustavu visokog obrazovanja. Studentski zbor djeluje putem svojih izabranih predstavnika studenata.