Develop and strengthen the cooperation with all stakeholders embedded at all levels of institutions

  The Ministry of Science of Education and Sports has established in co-operation with the University Computing Center (“Sveučilišni računski centar – SRCE”) the Catalog of e-Courses of Institutions in the Higher Education System in the Republic of Croatia. The e-Courses catalog is conceived as a central place where the basic information on all e-courses, […]

National qualifications and occupations portal

Through connecting data already existent within ministries of Science and education and Ministry of labour, Croatia introduced its qualifications and occupations portal in which each of its 25 qualifications sectors and sub sectors are clearly described. Info such as long term employment and unemployment trend per occupations and correspondence between qualification and occupations in which […]

Digital Online Verification of Skills

Vyšší odborná škola publicistiky (VOŠP; College of Journalism and Media) has been running an international project focused on providing the digitalized tool for ECVET implementation. The tool (plugin/application) is designed to connect to the LMS the institution uses and simplify the process of ECVET inclusion by data transfer, multiple party access, modular system of units […]

Building Qualifications to European standards

“Euroentrepreneurship – university qualifications for the Europeanization of the Romanian society” (POSDRU/156/1.2/G/140578) is a project implemented by the College of Communication and Public Relations (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration – NUPSPA, Bucharest) in partnership with the Institute for European Studies within Vrije Universitiet Brussels (VUB). The main challenge addressed by the project […]

Postgraduate program in Public Procurement, concessions and public-private partnership

  The postgraduate program is an innovative programme in public procurement provided by the Center for Good Governance Studies from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Napoca one of the biggest universities in Romania in partnership with other authorities: National Agency for Public Procurement, National Council for Solving Complaints, Fight Against Fraud Department-DLAF, Freedom House Romania and Expert […]

Specialized training program for Recovery Teachers working with persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

The object of the case study is a particular educational program run by an NGO. The Romanian National Association for Children and Adults Suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (RO: Asociatia Nationala pentru Copii si Adulti cu AUTISM din Romania – ACNAAR) is one of the oldest and most visible associations in Romania that promotes the […]

Health communication. Training professionals in communication in the healthcare sector

Health Communication represents a short-term postgraduate program developed by the College of Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA) and addressed to people with various specializations in the health sector (such as managers, spokespersons, doctors and other medical personnel, etc.), in order to develop and refine their communication skills that are so necessary for them to successfully […]

Responding to Market Needs: Training in Public Speaking Insights and Techniques

  Public Speaking is a short-term postgraduate program developed by the College of Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA) that addresses to practitioners in the field of communication, consulting, sales and/ or to the people targeting middle-management positions, and aims at giving them the opportunity to deepen public speaking skills and techniques through relevant academic training. […]

Qualifications for Project Managers: Project Management Master’s Programme (in English)

  The Master’s Programme in Project Management (in English) is implemented by the College of Communication and Public Relations (the National University for Political Studies and Public Administration), in Bucharest, Romania. The Master’s Programme in Project Management (in English) (abbreviated MPE) aims at the professionalization of this profession in Romania, in strong collaboration with the […]

Tailored Training and Research: The National Institute for Cultural Research and Training – Romania

  The National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (INCFC) is an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Culture. It is involved both in training and research activities related to the field of culture. This is a good practice case because the Institute aims to train professionals who choose a career in the field of […]