MICs as organisational units of School Centres

MICs are organisational units od educational institutions for cooperation with world of work. Very important are managerial capabilities of leadership, involvements of different stakeholders interests, regardless of whether the PHI is public or private.

Ensure Quality Control

Aktivnosti Hrvatske agencije za znanost i visoko obrazovanje (ASHE) pridonose usklađivanju hrvatskog visokog obrazovanja s europskim sustavima i njezinoj integraciji u europski prostor visokog obrazovanja, poboljšanje kvalitete studijskih programa i njihova dostava, povećanje mobilnosti , prepoznavanje i pouzdanost hrvatskih visokoškolskih kvalifikacija, poboljšati pristup osobama s inozemnim visokoškolskim kvalifikacijama na hrvatsko tržište rada i osigurati pravičan […]

ESTG-IPP Project-based Learning in Business Information Systems

At the Bachelor in Business Information Systems of the School of Management and Technology at Politécnico do Porto, the curricula of some courses is organized to promote the development of interdisciplinary projects. The main goals of these projects are: the promotion of university-industry cooperation; the development of soft skills by the students while performing a […]

Cultural Heritage Preservation for the Regional Development

The Ústí region lies in the north-west of the Czech Republic along the German border with the capital city of Ústí nad Labem. It has a rich history which resulted in significant cultural heritage, mostly of immovable type, e.g. castles preserved since the 10th century, a network of former royal cities with medieval architecture (Žatec, […]

Center for Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance and Integration

Among the objectives of regional development for the West Region in Romania (Plan of National Development for West Region 2014-2020), the objective of inclusion of persons with disabilities was explicitly mentioned (p. 42). In the West Region this strategy registered a number of 66.144 persons with disabilities living with their families, while from the total […]

Developing Partnerships within PHE: The Romanian Ministry of Education Decision

The Ministry of education decision 4456 from July 8th 2015 approves the development of two institutions: 1) Local Committee for the Development of Social Partnership (LCDSP) at the level of counties and 2) Regional Consortium (RC) at the level of the development of the regions. LCDSP and RC have to improve the professional capabilities in […]

State of the Nation – designing an innovative instrument for supporting public policies

    This case study is not a success story in PHE per se. Instead, it describes the implementation of an online tool which can help PHE providers to align to national, regional and local development strategies and priorities. The tool, called “The State of the Nation data aggregator” is implemented though the EU-funded project  […]

ESTG-IPP Business Challenge

The ESTG-IPP Business Challenge is a 4 days´ hackathon where mixed teams composed of Students from EQF levels 5, 6 and 7, Lecturers and Researchers from the School of Technology and Management of Politécnico do Porto, develop ideas and/or prototypes for innovative solutions to real problems identified and presented by companies. This type of dynamics […]