MICs as organisational units of School Centres

MICs are organisational units od educational institutions for cooperation with world of work. Very important are managerial capabilities of leadership, involvements of different stakeholders interests, regardless of whether the PHI is public or private.

Cultural Heritage Preservation for the Regional Development

The Ústí region lies in the north-west of the Czech Republic along the German border with the capital city of Ústí nad Labem. It has a rich history which resulted in significant cultural heritage, mostly of immovable type, e.g. castles preserved since the 10th century, a network of former royal cities with medieval architecture (Žatec, […]

Creating staff incentives for R&D and third mission activities

The University Rovira i Virgili (URV) in Tarragona, in Southern Catalonia (Spain) has an active third mission agenda, including entry points for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the university knowledge base, social and cultural programming in 22 cities in Southern Catalonia and active participation in fostering the key regional industry clusters such as knowledge-based […]

Developing the Bioeconomy Ecosystem in Central Finland

 The JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyvaskyla has four fields of specialisations which are aligned with the local and global needs and build on the regional and institutional assets of central Finland. JAMK’s regional specialisations are bioeconomy, applied cyber security, automation and robotics, and education expertise and business. Notably these specialisations are aligned with […]

Developing Partnerships within PHE: The Romanian Ministry of Education Decision

The Ministry of education decision 4456 from July 8th 2015 approves the development of two institutions: 1) Local Committee for the Development of Social Partnership (LCDSP) at the level of counties and 2) Regional Consortium (RC) at the level of the development of the regions. LCDSP and RC have to improve the professional capabilities in […]

State of the Nation – designing an innovative instrument for supporting public policies

    This case study is not a success story in PHE per se. Instead, it describes the implementation of an online tool which can help PHE providers to align to national, regional and local development strategies and priorities. The tool, called “The State of the Nation data aggregator” is implemented though the EU-funded project  […]