Modernized Methodologies and Teaching Frameworks from CARNet

E-portfolio kao personalizirani virtualni prostor za učenje i podučavanje u školama i Phe. Hrvatska akademska i istraživačka mreža – CARNet organizira izobrazbu u području modernih tehnologija i okvire. Tečajevi su za upoznavanje praktične mogućnosti i teorijske osnove e-portfolija za osobne web stranice za nastavnike i studente, kao i za stvaranje personaliziranih virtualni prostor za učenje […]

Center for Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance and Integration

Among the objectives of regional development for the West Region in Romania (Plan of National Development for West Region 2014-2020), the objective of inclusion of persons with disabilities was explicitly mentioned (p. 42). In the West Region this strategy registered a number of 66.144 persons with disabilities living with their families, while from the total […]

Benefit of Using AV media in the Post-production Module

The idea to help students and teachers to teach and learn more effectively. The study module "Post-production" is, practically oriented and its training is extremely time consuming. It has high demand on technical equipment, so it can be trained  in the university laboratory only. That is why the theory has been recorded and students have to study these recorded lessons individually as a preparation for training at school. What is important: strong motivation of students and narrow cooperation of teachers team. Links: