Increase Flexibility of PHE in Response to Labour Market Needs

Academics which are employed at Polytechnics mostly came from a real sector and industry and they are also involved in numerus commercial projects with industry. Some of them are entrepreneurs, what is giving them additional experience in practical knowledge and labour market needs. Also, such experience, from world of business, directly have positive effects on […]

Being an employee and student at the same time – the dual model at the DHBW

Dual education at the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg (DHBW) in Germany, which alternates between education in higher education training academies and campuses in 9 cities, geared more towards practice in teaching and learning. The subjects offered mainly include engineering, economics, information technology, nursing care and social work. The higher vocational training academy DHBW provides the […]

Responsibilities of an Academic Head of Programme for Work-Based Learning in companies at the DHBW

The collaboration work of program managers of faculties are vital, as they are at the interface between an institution’s decision-making bodies and managers and trainers on the job. They encourage the cross-fertilization of strategic approaches, build and support communities of practice, and nurture innovation in everyday practice in the collaboration among the three stakeholders, Higher […]

Work-based training in companies at the DHBW

Work-based training in companies performs different functions in relation to Germany’s dual systems in higher education. For students, work-based training provides them with a knowledge and understanding of what work is, and what occupational areas they are attracted to. It provides training for the students in the real-work environment to build specific competences needed for […]

Multimedia Creative Team Works for Business

This project helps to deal with two sorts of problems: need of the university to get closer to the world of work and need of small firms to promote themselves without paying their own marketing department. It does not have a traditional form of placement, but de facto it is a placement, which enables the student to use their theoretic knowledge in a practical way for commercial activities during their study.