International Conference DisCo: Technology & Education

DisCo Conference has become one of the most important conferences, if not the most important conference focused on technology in education in the Czech Republic. The program encompasses new trends in education from various international perspectives and through the lens of diverse education sector stakeholders. It follows the paradigm shift of pedagogy: systemic change leading […]

Cultural Heritage Preservation for the Regional Development

The Ústí region lies in the north-west of the Czech Republic along the German border with the capital city of Ústí nad Labem. It has a rich history which resulted in significant cultural heritage, mostly of immovable type, e.g. castles preserved since the 10th century, a network of former royal cities with medieval architecture (Žatec, […]

Multimedia Creative Team Works for Business

This project helps to deal with two sorts of problems: need of the university to get closer to the world of work and need of small firms to promote themselves without paying their own marketing department. It does not have a traditional form of placement, but de facto it is a placement, which enables the student to use their theoretic knowledge in a practical way for commercial activities during their study.

Story TRLS and others…..

This case brings the solution of the problem that Czech students who are not competent enough (or feel they are not competent enough) to establish their own business despite having professional knowledge and skills. A new module has been included in the last year of Bachelor study which is practically oriented and supplies students with skills concerning establishing a new firm. There is a special post gradual mentoring for graduates as well.

Intelligent Multimedia e-learning Portal

The aim of the Advanced Learning Spaces (ALS) was to design, develop and implement an intelligent e-learning portal with full multimedia support and friendly user interface at the Department of Mechatronics and Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies at Technical University of Liberec. Heavy impact was placed to advanced forms of e-learning media, mainly live streaming and […]

Digital Online Verification of Skills

Vyšší odborná škola publicistiky (VOŠP; College of Journalism and Media) has been running an international project focused on providing the digitalized tool for ECVET implementation. The tool (plugin/application) is designed to connect to the LMS the institution uses and simplify the process of ECVET inclusion by data transfer, multiple party access, modular system of units […]

Škoda Auto Vysoká Škola´s Life-long Learning system

The Life-Long Learning in SAVS offers the willing learners an opportunity to deepen and develop their knowledge in a specific field of expertise or gain an entirely new one. The LLL programme is aimed at professionals, trainees as well as general public. There are two general options to choose from attend one to several day […]

Special Centers for Professional Preparation and Professional Education

This new technical university has been established in 2006 and it was looking for its strategy. One of the key parts or the strategy of the university was to reflect the needs of students and employers; it has projected practice-oriented branches and taking care about feedback of its graduates and about communication with all stakeholders. The university has a special Center for Professional Preparation, it cooperates with the world of work successfully and participates in national and international projects and research with its alumni. A system of competitions and grants is in place to encourages both groups to regularly participate. Students benefit from going through the experience of working on a long-term project and subsequently defending it in front of an audience. A system of competitions and grants is in place to encourages both groups to regularly participate. Students benefit from going through the experience of working on a long-term project and subsequently defending it against tough competition. Tens of students participate annually in these competitions and innovative ideas, practical solutions, and unusual projects are often brought forward. The university reflects needs of employers’ and student and correct the curricula content by adding new modules or by content of study corrections. It is a regular process supporting all placements.

No formal differentiation between PHE and other HE degrees in respect of employability

The case of no formal differentiation between professional and academic higher education qualifications in respect of employment, but also education progression routes, provides a lesson that flexible and incremental development of professional higher education can be stimulated by lack of regulation rather than by detailed schemes.

The College of Logistics

The College of Logistics presents a case of how a focus on clear institutional profile implemented via strategy of intensification (instead of amplification) of an institution's operation can bear the fruit of both sustainable growth and recognition of the higher education institution.