Introduction of new re-accreditation requirements / standards in line with ESG 2015

In order to implement new ESG 2015 instead of ESG 2008, Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education will use new re-accreditation process to introduce new ESG criterions. They introduced flexibility in quality assurance approach through number of activities, some of which are as follows: Firstly, Agency used ESG 2015 as blueprint for design of […]

Increase Flexibility of PHE in Response to Labour Market Needs

Academics which are employed at Polytechnics mostly came from a real sector and industry and they are also involved in numerus commercial projects with industry. Some of them are entrepreneurs, what is giving them additional experience in practical knowledge and labour market needs. Also, such experience, from world of business, directly have positive effects on […]

G1C1 – Local strategies are involving PHE

towns and municipalities are involved in financing the activities connected with and by UCAS trough annual budget items directed for UCAS. Also, strategic activities that are defined in the strategic documents of local and regional governments are deeply inbounded with study programs of UCAS.

Develop and strengthen the cooperation with all stakeholders embedded at all levels of institutions

  The Ministry of Science of Education and Sports has established in co-operation with the University Computing Center (“Sveučilišni računski centar – SRCE”) the Catalog of e-Courses of Institutions in the Higher Education System in the Republic of Croatia. The e-Courses catalog is conceived as a central place where the basic information on all e-courses, […]

Work Placement “Stock Market”

Algebra University College introduced its Career Center some 8 years ago in order to support career development of their students. Work of the Center was, among other, focused on organizing work placement and they used untill recently “classical” approach in which Career Center employees contacted employers and then connected them using e-mail and other communication […]

UB Forum

University Business Forum (UB Forum), established in 2008, is a part of European Commission’s initiative aimed at supporting modernisation of higher education and strengthening cooperation between academia and business on a European level. UB Forum offers a unique opportunity for higher education institutions, companies, business associations, public institutions and students to present and discuss common issues, share examples of good practice and explore the benefits and value of ongoing cooperation and its strengthening.

Professional Higher Education in Sustainable Agritourism

Structural changes in agricultural production have led to the weakening of the rural economy, which has imposed seeking additional sources of income for farmers. For further development of agrotourism in Croatia there are significant natural prerequisites but that can be fully utilized only by educated graduates and appropriate knowledge transfer.

National portal on qualifications and occupations as a base for students’ study programme choice

While searching for a study program and all the way through the decision-making process, prospective students use a wide range of information sources that influence their final choice decision for a certain study program and higher education institution. This example outlines efforts to help students make informed decisions.

Consider the voice of students

Učenik vijeće Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti je student organizacija koja predstavlja studente u tijelima Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti – Zagreb UAS. Učenik vijeće je student predstavničko tijelo koje štiti interese studenata, sudjeluje u odlučivanju u tijelima Zagrebačke UAS i predstavlja studente u sustavu visokog obrazovanja. Studentski zbor djeluje putem svojih izabranih predstavnika studenata.