Škoda Auto Vysoká Škola´s Life-long Learning system

The Life-Long Learning in SAVS offers the willing learners an opportunity to deepen and develop their knowledge in a specific field of expertise or gain an entirely new one. The LLL programme is aimed at professionals, trainees as well as general public. There are two general options to choose from attend one to several day […]

Flipped BYOD modell for university students

The Eszterházy Károly College had offered such a program for 5 years. Accordingly in return for a symbolic downpayment guarantee students received a laptop for personal use which the institution purchased after their graduation or the given student could have bought it at the cost of the downpayment. While business sponsorship contributed to the success […]

OCW principles in blended learning curriculum development

In case of personal learning environments the arrangement of the educational process is a key concern. Consequently, the elaboration of tranining management programmes (LMS, LCMS) can facilitate the promotion of the digital organisation efforts of the given institution. Intellectual resources and the curriculum are closely connected to the above issues. While certain content development and […]

Using Eportfolio System of Teacher Trainee MA Program

The proper and sustainable recording, storing, and retrievability of the results achieved in personal learning environments is also a major concern as such factors play a significant role in dual training programs and impact one’s competitiveness at the labour market. The continuously improvable and expandable electronic portfolio appears to be an ideal tool to record […]

KMOOC – Carpathian online course catalog

Challenges related to human resources include the development of instructor and student skills facilitating an effective elaboration and deployment of the respective learning environments during one’s studies and later in the labor market. Thus we call for the full reform and methodological renewal of the total Hungarian higher education sphere. The desired cooperation and elaboration […]

Duty an additional difficulty for graduates in working life

Because of shortage of physicians, Hungarian residents frequently take care in duty and also in emergency situation alone. To decrease the risk of iatrogenic mistakes the practical knowledge of residents should be improved. Our department organizing regularly for all residents a one month skill training to improve their practical knowledge and to be able to provide a […]

Recognized and Self-confident PHE in French professional higher education network

Two types of French educational institutes very close to the world of work are presented in this case study for reflection on challenges to build recognized and self-confident PHE. In France, the relations between the central level and the regions in education matters are facilitated through a regional Committee in charge of developing a regional […]

Specialized courses/formation supported by industrial sector

Collaboration at all level of PHE (senate, dean, teachers, curricula, admission) and industrial actors (founders/CEO, engineers, HR/recruitment and marketing colleagues) in order to respond to skill shortages by establishing formations/courses for specific automotive skills and knowledge for mechatronics/information technology engineering formations at University of Pannonia. The local representatives of Continental Automotive Hungary LTD participate by […]

Collaboration with different sectors and stakeholders for specialization of formations to enhance the recruiting and employability strategies and practices by involvement of service providers sector in training events

The merger of the information technology and business results the need for more and more specialized workers. The specialization of formations and involvement in training of service providers and tools developers has the impact on internship network and on employability of students within the network of providers-clients relationships. The economics-informatics formation with specialization on business […]

Dual training for better recruiting of students and involving of industrial sector

Collaboration at all level of PHE (senate, dean, teachers, curricula, admission) and industrial actors (founders/CEO, engineers, HR/recruitment and marketing colleagues) in order to respond to skill shortages by establishing dual training for electrical engineering and computer science engineering formations at BSC level. During the dual training, annually students spend 26 weeks at university with theoretical […]