C4E – Introducing University graduates to the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation

C4E has a threefold mission: a) to foster a culture of innovative entrepreneurship within the University and to develop relevant in-house expertise; b) to provide the entire University community with high-quality services and the connections required to bring scientific innovations and novel ideas produced inside the University to global marketplaces, and c) to contribute to […]

Joint Study Programme between University, Vocational School and NGOs

Palacký University and local Catholic charity organize together training programs for students. Students benefit form the mutual learning process between HEI, vocational school, charity and clients in the field.

Travel Agency Established by Institution of PHE

VŠPJ established its own travel agency in 2008 to promote tourism in the region and to offer students practical experience with work in the tourism industry. It is successful in organizing out-coming tourism, however it has not achieved significant progress in in-coming business.

Quality Assurance of Placements in Social Services: CARITAS

The professional practical work experience forms an integral part of education. The quality components have been implemented to improve the communication with world of work. The work experience takes place in non-governmental non-profit organizations (e.g. facilities within the CARITAS network), as well as in public service and administrative institutions. Tutoring provided to the students over the course of their practical work experience is a continuous process beginning with their admission to the school and ending with their graduation exam. By means of this process, the student is directed to the right path towards good practice in social and humanitarian work. Quality changes are connected with Center for Placements existence, which is partly financially supported from EU programs, and partly by own school resources. CARITAS is involved in many non-profit activities connected with practical social work in the Czech Republic, structured processes covering all stakeholders. International dimension is manifested in different areas – student internships abroad, teacher exchanges, attendance and participation of pedagogues at international conferences, foreign guest lectures at the College, exchange and transfer of know-how and innovations.

Professional Higher Education in Sustainable Agritourism

Structural changes in agricultural production have led to the weakening of the rural economy, which has imposed seeking additional sources of income for farmers. For further development of agrotourism in Croatia there are significant natural prerequisites but that can be fully utilized only by educated graduates and appropriate knowledge transfer.

National portal on qualifications and occupations as a base for students’ study programme choice

While searching for a study program and all the way through the decision-making process, prospective students use a wide range of information sources that influence their final choice decision for a certain study program and higher education institution. This example outlines efforts to help students make informed decisions.

Consider the voice of students

Učenik vijeće Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti je student organizacija koja predstavlja studente u tijelima Sveučilišta u Zagrebu primijenjenih znanosti – Zagreb UAS. Učenik vijeće je student predstavničko tijelo koje štiti interese studenata, sudjeluje u odlučivanju u tijelima Zagrebačke UAS i predstavlja studente u sustavu visokog obrazovanja. Studentski zbor djeluje putem svojih izabranih predstavnika studenata.