Using Eportfolio System of Teacher Trainee MA Program

The proper and sustainable recording, storing, and retrievability of the results achieved in personal learning environments is also a major concern as such factors play a significant role in dual training programs and impact one’s competitiveness at the labour market. The continuously improvable and expandable electronic portfolio appears to be an ideal tool to record and represent the achievements of the students and the given institution as well. The portfolio can also be useful in facilitating credit recognition pertaining to personal learning environments and coping with validation issues. ePortfolio has been being applied in Eszteházy Károly University for 7 years. The Mahara-based system is an open-source software, that has been using in the Teacher Trainee MA Program, as a tool of reflexion and documentation of self-development with wide range of multimedia content.

This didactic innovation related to the learning process and learning environment includes the elaboration of the methodology and application of the reflective approach throughout the full higher education instruction and learning spectrum along with a more frequent use of the tutorial system, among others, in dual training schemes.