Collaboration with different sectors and stakeholders for specialization of formations to enhance the recruiting and employability strategies and practices by involvement of service providers sector in training events

The merger of the information technology and business results the need for more and more specialized workers. The specialization of formations and involvement in training of service providers and tools developers has the impact on internship network and on employability of students within the network of providers-clients relationships.

The economics-informatics formation with specialization on business analysis at Wekerle Sándor Business School has supported by the involvement of tools developers in training processes in order to deliver tools and knowledge usefully for business workflow management.

Skills shortages at the clients of providers for services and tools increase the need for employers with specialized skills. Involving providers and tools developers in training of students due to increase of the impact of PHE in society, and of employability of students qualified with extra training units delivered from industry.

Students have advantages for internship actions at clients of providers and at tool developers.

Collaboration at all level of PHE (rector, teachers, curricula, admission) and industrial actors (providers-clients, CEO, engineers, HR/recruitment and marketing colleagues) in order to respond to skill shortages by establishing special training units increase the flexibility of PHE in response to the labour market needs.

The sustainability of initiatives is guaranteed by the cooperation of all actors at all levels from university and industry, and by initiation of bilateral agreements for training processes.