Specialized courses/formation supported by industrial sector

Collaboration at all level of PHE (senate, dean, teachers, curricula, admission) and industrial actors (founders/CEO, engineers, HR/recruitment and marketing colleagues) in order to respond to skill shortages by establishing formations/courses for specific automotive skills and knowledge for mechatronics/information technology engineering formations at University of Pannonia.

The local representatives of Continental Automotive Hungary LTD participate by installing laboratories, collaborating at all level (curricula, teachings, internship) of formation. Target groups are from voluntary information technology engineering students, and from university admission process of STEM orientation students of high schools.

Outcomes are information technology engineers with knowledge for automotive software development, and mechatronics engineers with Vehicle engineering diploma at the university side, and up to date skilled workers at the side of industrial supporter Continental Automotive LTD.

The sustainability of initiatives is guaranteed by the cooperation of all actors at all levels from university and industry, and by initiation of doctoral degree in collaboration between University of Pannonia and Kandó Kálmán Doctoral School of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.