KMOOC – Carpathian online course catalog

Challenges related to human resources include the development of instructor and student skills facilitating an effective elaboration and deployment of the respective learning environments during one’s studies and later in the labor market.

Thus we call for the full reform and methodological renewal of the total Hungarian higher education sphere. The desired cooperation and elaboration of a common culture between similar areas of discipline can be gradually achieved via the transfer of methodology and the sharing of best practices.

The K-MOOC provides online courses in Hungarian language, primarily for Hungarians in the Carpatian Basin, but all over the world. The K-MOOC offers credits or degree, and gives an alternative way to support LLL. The participants of the K-MOOC Network are Hungarian universities and colleges. The credit-based courses are multidisciplinary, free and online. There are 15 member institutes from Hungary, Serbia, Crisana (Romania) with 49 courses.