Vzhodna.si web portal, initiated and run by University of Maribor (UM), encourages transfer of applied knowledge in the local / regional environment and the acquisition of European funds for different partners, creating development partnerships based on concrete needs for knowledge exchange. That way UM as the largest institution of knowledge in Eastern Slovenia took the initiative for ensuring better flow of knowledge needed by municipalities, businesses, companies, LAGs (Local Action Groups), and individuals in development projects and also providing the support for acquisition of European funding from the Slovene Eastern cohesion region.

The web portal tends to become a platform for the promotion of different development projects and integration of development personnel as well as service of providing useful information for the tender applications. UM sees this action also as an opportunity for different University departments and Faculties to promote and apply SCL approach in their learning/teaching provision and to involve their students and graduates into real situations in the world of work, thus raising their employability and putting them in contacts with their possible future employers. They also see more opportunities for their teaching staff professional development and promotion as well as acquisition of new staff, also in increasing their recognition as PHEI in the local environment and getting opportunities for additional financing.