MICs as organisational units of School Centres

MICs are organisational units od educational institutions for cooperation with world of work (Medpodjetniški izobraževalni centri). They were established on the basis of Vocational Education Act (UL 79/06, article 32) and currently operate within 20 Slovene larger School Centres, majority of which including Vocational Colleges (EQF5) as well, covering different professional / vocational fields.

After establishment these units MICs were very well equipped through several EU tenders (financed by Social, Regional Development and Cohesion Funds) in order to serve their mission, which is: to provide part of practical training for students, preparation of candidates for master craftsmen, foremen and managerial examinations, carrying out procedures for the verification and certification of national vocational qualifications, performing the practical part of final exams and the vocational general exam (matura) at secondary level, but mostly to become a link between professional education, regional labour market and other social partners.

Throughout the years many School Centres (especially those embedding HVC units) developed their MICs into very successful departments, well related to regional strategic development, by taking active part and initiatives in many projects introduced by municipalities, employment offices (tailored courses for different users, pre-qualification courses for companies or unemployed citizens, offering their premises, up-to-date equipment and teaching staff on the regional market and thus getting additional financial resources), regardless of whether the School Centres are public or private.