Increasing Flexibility of Learning: the Training Institute for Law and Governance


The Training Institute for Law and Governance, a training unit of the EPLO (European Public Law Organization) aiming at the dissemination of knowledge and training within the Law and Governance sector, implements educational and training activities, and more specifically specialized preparatory programs for candidates participating in professional examinations in Greece and abroad.

The Institute offers modern tools and innovative methods in the design and implementation of integrated interventions on an institutional, organizational and operational basis. With regard to training, the Institute offers tailor made educational programs with respect to the needs of the target audience.

The Distance Learning Programs contain:

  • A new Training Program on the “Psychosocial dimensions in Professional Relations – Development of handling skills”, a program made to respond to the current increasing needs of the social system for ‘lifelong’ learning through alternative education programs. The program aims to develop knowledge and skills that will enable trainees to better understand the relation dynamics and behaviors within the workplace and handle them effectively. Project effectiveness is reliant not only to reversing the causes that have drawn to the conflict, but also to the reconstruction of relationships of co-workers. This can be achieved taking into consideration the hierarchy within a mutual benefit context, mainly as a result of a dynamic understanding of the opportunities, constraints and roles of each individual and not enforced. The program is addressed to public servants and employees from all levels of public administration and local Government across all levels of responsibility.
  • Training Program on “Financing Tools and Mechanisms of the European Union and other international bodies”, a program which aims to develop knowledge and skills in order to tackle and better utilize financing opportunities offered within the context of the European Union and the international environment. The program addresses those who wish to exercise responsibilities in planning and project management or social programs with funding opportunities through international and European programs, mainly civil servants and employees of all levels of Public Administration and Local Government.