Collaboration with the World of work: Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering

Renault Romania collaborates with universities to offer education programs (MAs), as follows:

  • with the Politehnica University of Bucharest – the Master Program “Engineering and Project Management” in the field of university studies “Engineering and Management”.
  • with the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi – the master’s program “Concept and Management of Automotive Design”
  • with the University of Craiova – the master’s program “Electromechanical Systems Complex”,
  • with the University of Pitesti – the master’s program “Concept and Management of Vehicle Design”

The programs last for 2 years and are addressed to graduates of technical higher education: undergraduate studies (4 years, day) or long-term university studies (5 years, day). Throughout the master programs, students develop professional skills such as working with specialists from other fields, teamwork, communication skills and the use of foreign languages ​​in a professional context.

The programs are distinguished by the development of a mix of theoretical courses and practical projects in the engineering field, and management of innovative product or service projects. Project pedagogy, adaptation to current employers’ requirements, and partnership with the only automotive engineering center in the region provide unique career perspectives.

For the entire duration of the Master’s degree, the Renault Romania Group is involved in this program by providing scholarships, specialized presentations and internships. Moreover, since these programs aim to bring the participants closer to the practical reality of developing projects in the field of car manufacturing, the last semester is devoted entirely to internship activities. The best-known result of this internship in recent years is the Duster Mobile Office.