Roma integration in Hungary remains still unsolved

Semmelweis University developed a special program for the education of the young Roma students who are ready and willing to study in one of the medically related fields. This program has three main characteristics:

  • Scientific preparation of the students prior to their admission to the medical university in chemistry, biology, anatomy, etc.
  • Tutor/mentor support for students after their admission to the medical university. The Roma students enjoy the mentoring support of the volunteer university professors.

They are monitored during their student life and after graduation entering in the world of work. Those Roma students receive the medical education and the support of our program that are proud with their identity and hopefully will go back to their communities after having completed their education.

Additional information:

The issue of Roma integration in Europe unfortunately remains unresolved today after centuries even at the beginning of the third millennium. Without the development of a critical mass of Roma intellectuals the process of social integration cannot even seriously start or lead to durable results. Roma population in the central-eastern Europe is considerable, reaching to around10% of the total population in some countries with a high birth rate. The future and assimilation of the Roma minority requires a strong, well-structured and wide effort in education for this group.