Plymouth University’s Enterprise Vision

In 2008, Plymouth University launched a new vision which signalled  an intent to connect and engage more with the local economy and society – the approach was summarised in the aspiration to be “enterprise university”. The University’s aim is to be truly business-engaging and deliver outstanding economic, social and cultural benefits from its intellectual capital. This is pivotal in a city acknowledged as the enterpise capital of the South West of England. Activities illustrating our enterprise focus include: a focus across the education pipeline – from primary to postgraduate – to develop work-ready graduates into local industry, particularly the marine sector, contribution to innovation, commercialisation and the development of new and existing businesses through the University’s  world-class research; and providing civic leadership and community – providing a sense of “place” and economic growth.

Reflecting the enterprise vision, Plymouth University developed four key ambitions to guide the institution through to 2020:

  • Excellent learning in partnership with students
  • World-class research and innovation
  • Raising aspirations and driving engagement
  • Achieving resilience, sustainability and effectiveness

To achieve these ambitions the University would focus on:

  • Empowering the people
  • Building on and growing their reputation
  • Delivering through digital technology
  • Enhancing learning, living and working environment