UAS FHTW Guidelines for Professional Internships

Guidelines for professional internships (placements) have been established institution wide that describe the complete process, including roles, a frame for training contract, insurance issues, educational goals and demands and quality assurance. Describing a set of rules on the institutional level, a few details are left to the individual study programs to define.
Some detail on some key-issues:

  • It is clearly stated that it is the students’ obligation to locate a placement (*not* the study program’s)
  • appropriate projects/tasks during the internship are a requirement
  • A minimum duration is required
  • Education contract with UAS stays in effect during internship (student status)
  • No requirements on contracts between companies and students (except duration and level of tasks)
  • Recommendations concerning insurance
  • Students’ have two supervisors, one professional, one academic.
  • It is possible/recommended to write Bachelor Thesis on/about internship projects/topics
  • Cannot be repeated (if failed)
  • Quality control and assurance is in part delegated to the study programs.
  • (Many) programs have academic supervisors visit the companies and fill out/discuss a standardized feedback form about student’s skills, study program, and placement company which is fed back to curriculum development.

Additional information:

UAS FHTW is a purely technical school with study programs in the field of IT, electronics, life sciences, engineering (among others), where it is usually not a problem to find an adequate internship position.