Work Placement “Stock Market”

Algebra University College introduced its Career Center some 8 years ago in order to support career development of their students. Work of the Center was, among other, focused on organizing work placement and they used untill recently “classical” approach in which Career Center employees contacted employers and then connected them using e-mail and other communication means with students. Using this approach students were not experiencing real labor market environment but were relatively reactive and mostly waited for Career Center to do all the organisational job. On the other hand, as number of students grew, support to work placement organisation took more and more time. As a result, work placement “stock market” was introduced recently as internal web portal where employers are able to announce their work placement opportunities (using web form and prearranged questions) and students are able to search and apply to open work placement fitting their needs. As a result, they should proactively approach employer which announced work placement opportunity, and if selected by employer, they are supported by Career Center and portal to download all the forms, upload work placement documents and finally start their work placement with the employer.