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The Ministry of Science of Education and Sports has established in co-operation with the University Computing Center (“Sveučilišni računski centar – SRCE”) the Catalog of e-Courses of Institutions in the Higher Education System in the Republic of Croatia.

The e-Courses catalog is conceived as a central place where the basic information on all e-courses, which are in the order of lectures and exercises on institutions of the higher education system in the Republic of Croatia.

The Catalog in one place give an overview of e-learning data provided by institutions in the higher education system, it also increases the availability and visibility of data on e-courses and e-courses themselves. At the same time, the catalog enables easier monitoring of e-learning implementation at higher education institutions, planning of further actions related to the systematic implementation of e-learning at the level of higher education and individual components as well as at national level, and ensuring greater availability of existing e-learning data.

The Catalog has established and maintained the University Computing Centera – SRCE like a partner of the Ministry of Science of Education and Sports in charge of providing technical support to the use of the e-Catalog, enrolling e-collections and updating them.