The future built by Audi Hungaria and Széchenyi István University

The over decade-long collaboration between Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. and Széchenyi István University (SZE) aims at fostering the regional competitiveness and economy to make Győr to one of the most significant automotive cultural centres as reflected by the slogan ‘the future is being built in Győr’. In 2015, the cooperation was ‘institutionalised’ in a newly established Audi Faculty at the university. The facility provides a home-base for the educational, professional and scientific collaboration between academics and Audi Hungaria, set within the broader ecosystem of Győr city and the Western-Hungarian region.

The partnership between company and university allows for the cooperative development of curricula for management, vehicle engineering and manufacturing related courses, as well as the provision of practical experience for the university’s students. Furthermore, collaboration involves other education-related UBC activities including student mobility, PhD supervision as well as lifelong learning. As for the research, industry-relevant scientific research projects are being conducted including contract research for the company.

A dual study programme was introduced in the vehicle engineering BSc full-time degree programme in September 2015, with five students admitted in the first academic year. It is an important element of the dual study programme, that students have employment contracts with Audi Hungaria and they are entitled for remuneration of their work during their studies. Audi Hungaria is also responsible for organisational and management tasks-related to the dual training.

The partnership between Audi Hungaria and SZE also provides joint training programmes, run by the University and Audi Hungaria in-house training departments. The training programmes engage students on academic aspects and in practical projects[1]. As students are involved in actual Audi Hungaria projects, they are paid for the work they do. Other examples of curricula-related cooperation include the promotion of student projects, workshop days for students and scholarship grants.  Academic staff also have the possibility to undertake temporary placements at the company. Both students and staff can go to Audi Hungaria’s automotive factories to study new technologies, make contacts and undertake knowledge exchange activities.