CIT Extended Campus

The CIT Extended Campus model is unique in the Irish higher education system as a single point of contact for external organisations seeking to interact with academics and researchers in CIT for graduate formation, workforce development or research and innovation. It provides a stimulus for interaction through case studies and exemplars intended to generate the ‘pull’ from within the enterprise sector.

The CIT Extended Campus was formed to:
• Make it easier for external organizations to engage in mutually beneficial interactions with CIT academics and researchers
• Develop a clear view of the extent and depth of existing and desirable engagement interactions to feed into institutional strategy and decision-making
• Stimulate more interactions and measurably support regional economic development
• Ensure that the variety of interactions with companies are collated and built on to develop broader supportive long-term mutually beneficial partnerships

Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) is an Irish higher education institution with a student population of some 9000 whole time equivalent third level students, and incorporating Faculties of Science and Engineering, and Business and Humanities, as well as Colleges of Art and Music, and the National Maritime College of Ireland. Working with enterprise partners has always been an important part of Cork Institute of Technology’s mission.

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