UAS FHTW Curriculum Development

The curriculum development and accreditation process has a strong focus on the job market and expected future developments:
– The design processes starts with skills and skill level of National Standard Classification of Occupations
– For both, initial accreditation and reaccreditation of study programs an analysis of the job market is required which considers regional, national and international factors.
– Curriculum development teams are constituted by internal and external academic staff as well as senior industry staff from industry partners
– High flexibility in curricula. Minor curriculum adaptations (e.g. elective courses/specialization) can be executed by the study program without administrative overhead to integrate emerging technologies/topics into the curriculum.
– Curricula are regularly evaluated on several levels (study program level e.g. via internship feedback from industry partners, institutional level via study program evaluation, institutional level evaluation)
– Common practice of lecturers from the industry

One objective is to ensure that students are up-to date and productive for the placement providers. Industry is then more willing to accept placements and contribute to curricula. In addition, an atmosphere of mutual respect and partnership can evolve.