Educational strategy policy paper in Ruše Municipality

Local community is obliged by law to provide conditions for adult education and support education and personal development of its inhabitants as well as knowledge transfer within its region in general. Municipality Ruše strives to creating the conditions to ensure that their children are motivated to acquire knowledge and education and after graduation to return to their home town Ruše and have quality life, satisfying work and opportunities and incentives to create new jobs there.

In order to operate more transparently and efficiently in this area in the future Municipality Ruše leadership decided to prepare the basic strategic document which would define the scope of educational institutions in their local community and clarify the role and objectives of the Municipality in a given area, putting effort in general to make document as much as possible concise, systematic and transparent regarding its content.

In April 2017 the document Objectives and strategy for monitoring quality and facilitating and ensuring the conditions for education in Municipality Ruše (here) was finalized and officially recognized/confirmed by the City Council. Prior to that the final form of the document was being shaped through panel discussions involving all relevant social, professional and political stakeholders (schools and other educational institutes which relate to the municipal region, regional corporate sector, municipal social affairs committee, partner PHEIs in the region, Municipal Units of Employment agency and of Economy and craft chamber, other institutions of interest) and  is a result of contribution from several stakeholders and partners.