Recruiting teachers (Engagement lecturers)

Procedure for appointing lecturers is determined. School is looking for lecturers among experts that are usually employed in the economy – in the company and working in their fields of expertise. They transmit mainly practical experiences and current knowledge in education. In the school, which carries out exclusively adult education (part time education) are not […]

Open Curriculum

EQF5 programs are based on national occupational standards. They (programs and standards) have to be accepted by the competent council of experts on the national level and are publicly recognized. In the context of a valid public education program every school has the opportunity to prepare a part of the program (module in the range […]

Erasmus Staff Mobility Success Story 2012

A successful approach to mobility of staff in order to boost professional and personal development of staff, harmonisation of staff team, recognition of students achievements gained outside their institution, interdisciplinary cooperation and interdisciplinary projects and research, staff and student mobility, awareness of importance to close cooperation with the world of work and local/regional authorities.

ERASMUS+ Consortium for Mobility Placements

Successful outsourced high quality service to boost high quality mobility of your staff and students and with it your competitiveness through strong cooperation.

Turning a traditional university into an entrepreneurial university

The University of Tartu in Estonia, one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe, is experiencing, as many other institutions, challenges linked to the adaptation to the technological society. Under the management of the new Vice Rector for Development, the program of “entrepreneurial university” was initiated with the following objectives: Increase the visibility of the […]

Amazing Business Train

The change in the funding mechanism of Finnish universities forced HAMK University of Applied Sciences to question its old strategies and operations. A totally new strategy was created and as a part of it the pedagogic approach was renewed. The new model of teaching emphasizes for example quick pilot projects for trying new things and […]

An industry-based and problem-based learning approach

Due to its university-industry cooperation approach and philosophy, Mondragon University’s Faculty of Engineering (EPS-MU) fosters the implementation of a project based learning (PBL) approach based on current industry demands. This new learning methodology involves industry within the whole PBL project; starting with the introduction of an organisation’s problem, ending with the students’ project proposals. This […]

Plymouth University’s Enterprise Vision

In 2008, Plymouth University launched a new vision which signalled  an intent to connect and engage more with the local economy and society – the approach was summarised in the aspiration to be “enterprise university”. The University’s aim is to be truly business-engaging and deliver outstanding economic, social and cultural benefits from its intellectual capital. […]

The Continuing Education University

With increasing global competition, companies and their employees are under increasing pressure to update and improve their skills throughout the life of their career. Despite this, there are very few higher education institutions committed to support the development of postgraduate skills to the same degree as Danube University Krems (DUK). Founded in 1994 as a […]

Dual Study programmes by VW Group and DHBW

Dual study programmes are an emerging hybrid form of higher education, which offer the participant the opportunity to complete a degree programme at a higher education institution whilst simultaneously receiving a certification of practical vocational training or work experience in a company. In addressing high youth unemployment as well as employability gaps, dual study programmes […]