University of Zagreb Fair

The University of Zagreb Fair (includes classical Universities as well as Institutions in Higher Professional Education  such as  Zagreb University of Applied Sciences – Zagreb UASs , Algebra, VSITE etc.) is organized for high school graduates, university students and anyone else who is interested. The Fair aims to inform prospective students about courses of study programs, […]

ESTG-IPP Project-based Learning in Business Information Systems

At the Bachelor in Business Information Systems of the School of Management and Technology at Politécnico do Porto, the curricula of some courses is organized to promote the development of interdisciplinary projects. The main goals of these projects are: the promotion of university-industry cooperation; the development of soft skills by the students while performing a […]

Being an employee and student at the same time – the dual model at the DHBW

Dual education at the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg (DHBW) in Germany, which alternates between education in higher education training academies and campuses in 9 cities, geared more towards practice in teaching and learning. The subjects offered mainly include engineering, economics, information technology, nursing care and social work. The higher vocational training academy DHBW provides the […]

Work-Based Learning in PHE institutions

The pedagogical strategy of using guest lectures at the DHBW in all study programmes can be classified as substituting for experiential learning and related to a vicarious apprenticeship model of learning of the dual system in PHE. In essence this method of teaching provides the students with an understanding of professional activity by providing a […]

Responsibilities of an Academic Head of Programme for Work-Based Learning in companies at the DHBW

The collaboration work of program managers of faculties are vital, as they are at the interface between an institution’s decision-making bodies and managers and trainers on the job. They encourage the cross-fertilization of strategic approaches, build and support communities of practice, and nurture innovation in everyday practice in the collaboration among the three stakeholders, Higher […]

Cultural Heritage Preservation for the Regional Development

The Ústí region lies in the north-west of the Czech Republic along the German border with the capital city of Ústí nad Labem. It has a rich history which resulted in significant cultural heritage, mostly of immovable type, e.g. castles preserved since the 10th century, a network of former royal cities with medieval architecture (Žatec, […]

National qualifications and occupations portal

Through connecting data already existent within ministries of Science and education and Ministry of labour, Croatia introduced its qualifications and occupations portal in which each of its 25 qualifications sectors and sub sectors are clearly described. Info such as long term employment and unemployment trend per occupations and correspondence between qualification and occupations in which […]

Croatian Employers Association – project “Initiative for young” promoting link between employers and universities.

Croatian employers association (CEA) together with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Student Council of Universities of Applied Sciences introduced in 2017 new project connecting employers and universities. General idea behind the initiative was to support work placement through better cooperation between employers and universities in order to equip students with required practical knowledge, […]

Work Placement “Stock Market”

Algebra University College introduced its Career Center some 8 years ago in order to support career development of their students. Work of the Center was, among other, focused on organizing work placement and they used untill recently “classical” approach in which Career Center employees contacted employers and then connected them using e-mail and other communication […]

Work-based training in companies at the DHBW

Work-based training in companies performs different functions in relation to Germany’s dual systems in higher education. For students, work-based training provides them with a knowledge and understanding of what work is, and what occupational areas they are attracted to. It provides training for the students in the real-work environment to build specific competences needed for […]