The EQAVET-ISO 21001 Matrixes

EQAVET is a European proprietary standard for professional schools and ISO 21001 is an international formal standard for educational organizations. Professional schools across Europe need to implement EQAVET and many would probably welcome the idea of doing so in an integrated way with ISO 21001, due to the added value of the ISO brand. As these standards have different approaches to quality, their integration is not an easy task and a set of matrixes between the requirements of both standards can be extremely helpful for the users. However, the development of such matrixes are technically complex and time consuming and in this case, neither publisher had the necessary amount of resources to produce them. To overcome this challenge, a collaboration was made with the School of Management and Technology of Politécnico do Porto, and a Master student developed the matrixes in the scope of her master thesis, just in time for these to be published as an annex to ISO 21001.