The Emergence of Online Apprenticeships

At a globalized, digitally connected world, not only online learning, but also online jobs and everything in between, such as online apprenticeships, will soon become mainstream.

The Knowledge Innovation Centre in Malta (KIC) is a dynamic consultancy focusing on knowledge brokerage and innovation of knowledge transfer processes. The Centre brings together a variety of local and European experts from a variety of fields and has worked extensively within Quality Assurance of Higher Education, Technology enhanced Learning, Student Services and the knowledge economy (as it relates to the Lisbon Agenda and Barcelona Process). The Centre has forged close relationships with a number of stakeholders in the regional innovation and Higher Education fields and is active in leveraging such relationships to build multi-disciplinary, multi-country networks for knowledge transfer and capitalization.

Given the nature and geographic scope of its activities, KIC´s work force is spread across several countries and most of it is composed of highly mobile individuals, used to work from wherever they are at any given moment. To enable this, KIC uses a variety of web-based managements tools that assure adequate team communication and effective remote project management.

Having this online structure in place, the next natural step was to extend it to apprentices and this case describes the successful experience of Tara Drev, a designer from Slovenia who was the first apprentice involved in KIC´s online apprenticeship scheme.