ESTG-IPP Project-based Learning in Business Information Systems

At the Bachelor in Business Information Systems of the School of Management and Technology at Politécnico do Porto, the curricula of some courses is organized to promote the development of interdisciplinary projects. The main goals of these projects are:

  • the promotion of university-industry cooperation;
  • the development of soft skills by the students while performing a more holistic approach to problem-solving;
  • assessment of learning through real problem-solving instead of classic mock problems.

The Bachelor promotes cooperation with local industrial and technological companies and aims to solve real problems they´re facing and which require a set of different knowledge and expertise. The approach adopted is to identify the bachelor courses that might contribute to the solution and the problem-solving process is used to assess student learning. To this end, the responsible lecturer for each course defines specific goals for the students to reach and evaluates them based on the solutions they present.