Story TRLS and others…..

The typical problem of Czech university graduates is that they do not have enough practical knowledge. It is a problem mainly of their study content and profile. They have very good professional knowledge and skills, but a lot of them are not competent enough to establish their own business properly. This project can practically help with start–up of a new business. It has been running since 2016 only and its’ aim is to do mentoring for both students and graduates of the study programme „Multimedia in economic practice“. The provider of this project is Graphic and Multimedia Laboratory (GML).

How does it work? A new module has been included in the last year of Bachelor study which is practically oriented and supplies students by skills related to establishing a new firm. There is a special post-gradual mentoring for graduates as well: a mentor from the University provides regular consultancies for graduates during the real start-up (during first half year or the whole year). The first pilot project has been prepared for Story TRLS marketing agency, which runs its business with great success. As and output of this project some video clips as case studies have been made and put on the Youtube network. The other firms are in process now.