Postgraduate program in Public Procurement, concessions and public-private partnership


The postgraduate program is an innovative programme in public procurement provided by the Center for Good Governance Studies from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Napoca one of the biggest universities in Romania in partnership with other authorities: National Agency for Public Procurement, National Council for Solving Complaints, Fight Against Fraud Department-DLAF, Freedom House Romania and Expert Forum.

We consider it an example of good practice because it was the first course of its kind in our country and still is the only one offered in the region (the western part of Romania) and is combining the theory and the practice in the field involving mixed teams of professors and practitioners in public procurement. The topic is very actual because efficient public procurement is a challenge to many Member States, irregularities and lengthy procedures, as well as limited administrative capacity are some examples of the problems tackled during the programme.

It is a vocational programme that provides training for a particular career path in public procurement.

The courses are taught by experts in procurement from the university and practitioners in public procurement, from the National Public Procurement, from Fight Against Fraud Department-DLAF, the National Council for Solving Complaints, administrative judges and lawyers specialized in procurement, with extensive experience in the field.

The postgraduate programme targets graduates in public or European administration, staff from contracting authorities interested in the procurement field aiming in getting promoted or employed in high public management positions or to private beneficiaries involved in the absorption of structural funds.