Health communication. Training professionals in communication in the healthcare sector

Health Communication represents a short-term postgraduate program developed by the College of Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA) and addressed to people with various specializations in the health sector (such as managers, spokespersons, doctors and other medical personnel, etc.), in order to develop and refine their communication skills that are so necessary for them to successfully accomplish their social role. It is the first program of its kind offered in a university setting in Romania, and aiming at increasing the awareness of the role of institutional and interpersonal communication in the healthcare system.

The program is implemented by a group of professors at the College of Communication and Public Relations with degrees and a highly relevant field experience in communication, training, public relations, leadership, coaching, human resources and psychology. Additionally, professionals and specialists from the medical system are invited regularly as guest lectures, considering that only consultations with experts from various fields will lead to a successful medical act.

Why is this case study an example of good practice?

it was designed to fill a gap on the medical training market, by approaching the needs of the people whose jobs require high levels of interaction with patients, colleagues, subordinates, relevant public institutions, providers of medical equipment and supplies, media institutions and others alike.

– being offered in a university setting, it combines a rigorous approach anchored in communication sciences with intensive practice-related activities oriented towards the particular needs of the student.