Project “Woodstone”- Robidišče

Both Higher Vocational Colleges – Technical School Centre Maribor and School Centre Sežana as comparably small vocational colleges from different regions are very much embedded within their regions´ development and have similar views on quality of their curricula activities and strategic development. Since both colleges execute the same SCHE program “design of materials”, only Maribor providing modules in “wood” and Sežana in “stone” they have established good co-operation and mutual good practise exchange that resulted in this summer school traditional project Woodstone. Project was taking place in years 2012 and 2013 in a cultural-heritage protected village Robidišče (located at the most western point of Slovenia, bordering to Italy) where approximately 10 students from each college together with their teachers, inhabitants of the village, occasional guest lecturers and instructors and visitors spent 2 weeks living and working together on a specific projects of restoring and design different objects, items, learning on site under supervision and leaderships of their instructors. The project was supported and promoted by the municipality of Kobarid, Cultural society Stol Breginj and Family touristic farm Škvor.

As a result of and on the basis of this project several new partnerships and co-operations on many levels had developed in following years – e.g. both colleges were granted Erasmus fundings in 2014 as project leaders of two very successful international summer school projects involving several international partners.