Continues communication and feedback to and from employers. Description of policies that encourage strategic partnerships.

In 2009, UCAS Algebras established the Economic Council (EC) with a primary rule to be a connection between the World of Work and UCAS. Also, EC is a body mainly built from employers, who are discussing about all relevant questions concerning actual problems and trends in the field and economy in general. However, UCAS students and bachelors are or will be employees in the companies involved in EC what ensures a direct feedback about quality of programs and teaching processes. In the same time members of EC are proposing new directions for programs planning.

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What was the challenge intended to be addressed? Why? What did work well? What did not work well? What have been the main achievements? How did you evaluate its success? What has been the change brought by this good practice?

Through the EC activities, better exchange of information between employers and PHEI is accomplished, development of a program that will transfer knowledge and skills to future employees in real time adjusted to the labor market needs. Likewise, it enables more objective strategic planning related to the human resources, which is a limiting factor in most cases.

Success Factors

What are the enabling conditions (e.g. institutional, economic, social/cultural, regulatory) that needed to be in place or played a facilitating role for the good practice to be successful?

. A basic characteristic of the excellence of this example of good practice results from cooperation of entrepreneurs with PHEI, their active and deep involvement in developing strategic guidelines related to the educational process and transfer of information on needs for human resources at the local, but also at the global level.


What are the challenges, barriers or limiting factors encountered? How have they been addressed?

Constraints to the implementation of this approach are twofold: the first one is inactivity of the PHEI management and lack of understanding of needs for active involvement of entrepreneurs as a basis of economy in designing the system of human resource management. The second one is insufficient motivation and lack of understanding of the entrepreneurs of need to be active stakeholders and builders of educational system tailored according to their own needs. Both constraints can be easily removed by a systematic approach and informing of all stakeholders in the educational system.

Feasibility & Sustainability

What are the elements that need to be put into place for the good practice to be sustainable (institutionally, socially, economically, etc.)? If applicable, indicate the total costs incurred for the implementation of the practice. What are the benefits compared to total costs?

Feasibility and sustainability depends on strategic orientation of the PHEI management towards the economic needs and labour market needs for specific competencies of the employees. Likewise, the entrepreneurs should actively participate in the program development and identification of knowledge and skills they expect their future employees to have.

Replicability & Upscaling

What are the possibilities of extending the good practice more widely? What are the conditions that need to be in place for the good practice to be successfully replicated in a similar context? What are the steps that should be taken/respected to ensure that the good practice is replicated / up-scaled, but adapted to the new context?

This example of good practice already exists in numerous PHE institutions. It demands additional engagement of all stakeholders, both PHEI management and employers. But it also opens up new channels and opportunities for cooperation which are activated through systematic and joint cooperation through the EC.

Lessons learned

What would have facilitated an earlier and/or bigger impact? What are the key features that should be kept in mind if this would have to be implemented again? What would you do differently if you could go back in time? What could have been done better?

Economic council is excellent tool for a proper planning (new study programs and adaptation of existing) in line with world of work