The PROCSEE Expert Group that worked on Theme 4 – Personalization of Learning Environments within Professional Higher Education, developed the following Recommendations for the Challenges identified:

  • T4- Personalise Learning Environments within PHE
    • Use competence frameworks & Occupational profiles to allow students to map their way through a personalised learning journey
    • Reward good & excellent teachers & use them to inspire change
    • Assess students ability to personalise and direct their own learning, and provide instruction to fill gaps
    • Record every learner’s personalised learning journey through life, and use these records to empower their learning and career paths
    • Provide National PLE Infrastructures (People & Tech)
    • Leverage instructional design to identify, teach and assess skills in a personalized environment

These Recommendations are explained in detail at the PROCSEE Report “Policy Directions for Professional Higher Education in Central and South-Eastern Europe”.