The PROCSEE Expert Group that worked on Theme 1 – Alignment of PHE with Regional Development Strategies, developed the following Recommendations for the Challenges identified:

  • T1 – Alignment of PHE with Regional Development Strategies
    • Review and develop the policy framework in terms of financial, legal, governance and QA instruments to support regional engagement of PHE
    • Embed regional engagement in internal policies and strategies of PHEIs
    • Measure the impact of regional role of PHEI against institutional targets
    • Recognize and communicate the importance of the proactive role of PHEI in regional development
    • Review HR policies in terms of recruitment, rewarding, career progression, staff development for regional engagement
    • Innovate T&L methods and develop regional networks in order to engage students in regional-focused knowledge services
    • Develop capacity to identify and address changing needs of specific groups within the population
    • Facilitate joined-up governance of regional development at national level
    • Involve PHEIs into the development and implementation of innovation, regional funding programs, smart specialization strategies
    • Facilitate staff mobility between PHE and world of work (open up) – remove obstacles, develop incentives
    • Develop/review requirements and the process for selection, promotion and capacity building of leaders at all levels reflecting the PHE and regional role. Engage stakeholders in the process. Promote capacity building of leaders at all levels
    • Review governance structures to engage external stakeholders

These Recommendations are explained in detail at the PROCSEE Report “Policy Directions for Professional Higher Education in Central and South-Eastern Europe”.